[Homeroast] Where is the Monsooned Malabar; AA

Scott Miller peechdogg at gmail.com
Tue Mar 16 21:01:19 CDT 2010

Only married a bit less than one year here, but THAT law must be
something spouses just naturally have. I had to "bring home the bacon"
today also.

I've heard other roasters talk about how surprised they were when MM
as a single origin roast develops a solid, loyal group of devotees....
<note to self>....



On Tue, Mar 16, 2010 at 7:31 PM, miKe mcKoffee <mcKona at comcast.net> wrote:
> Ya know Tom, I agree and I disagree. AND it's YOUR FAULT I disagree! 'bout a
> decade ago I bought some of those pale Zombie beans from some dude in Ohio
> selling greens to home roasters, in this case was surprised how not green
> the greens turned out to be! Now wasn't exactly my cuppa joe, but wouldn't
> you know, my better half, Debi, fell in love with the stuff. As a single
> origin!
> Now since entering the game professionally I'd become lax in keeping MM
> roasted for home. Few months back Debi said something about it. And we all
> know there are laws which state you MUST provide coffee for you wife! So
> since I too had MM around for my D'Spro espresso blend I decided I'd best
> CCR HT a batch for Debi. Then changed my mind and roasted in the USRC 3k for
> 6LB post roast and put it on the retail shelf too. Wouldn't you know, it's
> gained a consistent solid following.
> While I may primarily gravitate to complex coffees and can be a bit of an
> acid head, bright coffees aren't for everyone! (Typed with the linger of a
> Sidamo Haile Salasse straight shot still hangin' round:-) But as I posted
> recently on BX MonMal is the Roger Dangerfield of the Specialty Coffee
> World, no respect. Roast and pull it right and you'll have a milk chocolate
> carameletto shot, and yes with a bit of Zombie funk too:-).
> Slave to the Bean Kona Konnaisseur miKe mcKoffee
> http://www.NorwestCoffee.com

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