[Homeroast] Where is the Monsooned Malabar; AA

Rick Copple rick at copple.us
Tue Mar 16 18:44:29 CDT 2010

Tom & Maria - Sweet Maria's Coffee wrote:
> I think we have a good source for it, 
> but I still feel it is a flavor that is hard to justify, so we just 
> dropped it off the public list. I think we can sell it to you if you 
> email us. It's a nice clean lot, no nasties, shipped in special jute bags.

I always drank it straight up, no blending. It is a bit of an acquired 
flavor, but once you acquire it, well, its addicting. ;)

But I rarely blend. I guess I'm a "single-malt" kind of guy. I want to 
taste the uniqueness of the beans. Blending messes that up.

Not to say others shouldn't blend, mind you, but for me, I'd rather 
drink single-origin coffee. Just my preference, and the MM was one I did 
enjoy very much.

But it will be a little while before I have the money to buy more 
coffee. Hoping my last order will last me a while.

That said, it isn't a coffee you'd want to hand out as exhibit one of 
home roasted coffee to someone who's never had it before.

Rick Copple

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