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Ya know Tom, I agree and I disagree. AND it's YOUR FAULT I disagree! 'bout a
decade ago I bought some of those pale Zombie beans from some dude in Ohio
selling greens to home roasters, in this case was surprised how not green
the greens turned out to be! Now wasn't exactly my cuppa joe, but wouldn't
you know, my better half, Debi, fell in love with the stuff. As a single

Now since entering the game professionally I'd become lax in keeping MM
roasted for home. Few months back Debi said something about it. And we all
know there are laws which state you MUST provide coffee for you wife! So
since I too had MM around for my D'Spro espresso blend I decided I'd best
CCR HT a batch for Debi. Then changed my mind and roasted in the USRC 3k for
6LB post roast and put it on the retail shelf too. Wouldn't you know, it's
gained a consistent solid following.

While I may primarily gravitate to complex coffees and can be a bit of an
acid head, bright coffees aren't for everyone! (Typed with the linger of a
Sidamo Haile Salasse straight shot still hangin' round:-) But as I posted
recently on BX MonMal is the Roger Dangerfield of the Specialty Coffee
World, no respect. Roast and pull it right and you'll have a milk chocolate
carameletto shot, and yes with a bit of Zombie funk too:-). 

Slave to the Bean Kona Konnaisseur miKe mcKoffee

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Ultimately the quest for Koffee Nirvana is a solitary path. To know I must
first not know. And in knowing know I know not. Each Personal enlightenment
found exploring the many divergent foot steps of Those who have gone before.

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> Yes - true, aged and monsooned are completely different. I think the 
> review notes address this. The monsooned is in the archives, easy to 
> find, under "INDIA".
> We stock India Monsooned for Liquid Amber blend but we decided not to 
> sell it separately. I started to feel that, outside of very specific 
> uses, it's a pretty questionable coffee. I think you will see in the 
> Aged Sumatra review, another post-harvest process lot where something 
> is "done" to the coffee to modify the flavor, that I still find 
> sweetness in it. This is a key factor in whether a coffee can be 
> considered good - even if it is a rustic sweetness, that it is not 
> sour, moldy, fetid etc. Those qualities have to do with nasty things 
> too, such as bacteria, and are not safe. I think the monsooned we 
> stock is safe. I do NOT think all monsooned coffee is safe. I have 
> tested it for mold and found it in samples we have been offered. I 
> have smelled pesticide spray in samples as well. This concerns me a 
> lot. I think we have a good source for it, but I still feel it is a 
> flavor that is hard to justify, so we just dropped it off the public 
> list. I think we can sell it to you if you email us. It's a nice 
> clean lot, no nasties, shipped in special jute bags.
> -- 
> -Tom

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