[Homeroast] Where is the Monsooned Malabar; AA

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Tue Mar 16 17:37:40 CDT 2010

>Dennis Parham wrote:
>>  Just something I was thinking about... and waiting for... Where is
>>  the Monsooned Malabar AA ?
>I was just telling someone a couple days ago about this coffee, and 
>realized I hadn't seen it on the list for a while. It too is one of 
>my favs.
>You can be sure, though, if it hasn't been on the list lately, its 
>because there's not any good stuff to be found.
>The Aged Sumatran, however, is good. Not as wild as the last time I 
>tried it a few years ago. Others who have tried drank some of my 
>brew have enjoyed it. Good coffee.
>And far as do it yourself aging, I think the risk you run if you 
>don't do it right is ending up with moldy, rotting coffee beans. I 
>think you have to keep the environment "just right" (whatever that 
>might be) to make it work.

Yes - true, aged and monsooned are completely different. I think the 
review notes address this. The monsooned is in the archives, easy to 
find, under "INDIA".

We stock India Monsooned for Liquid Amber blend but we decided not to 
sell it separately. I started to feel that, outside of very specific 
uses, it's a pretty questionable coffee. I think you will see in the 
Aged Sumatra review, another post-harvest process lot where something 
is "done" to the coffee to modify the flavor, that I still find 
sweetness in it. This is a key factor in whether a coffee can be 
considered good - even if it is a rustic sweetness, that it is not 
sour, moldy, fetid etc. Those qualities have to do with nasty things 
too, such as bacteria, and are not safe. I think the monsooned we 
stock is safe. I do NOT think all monsooned coffee is safe. I have 
tested it for mold and found it in samples we have been offered. I 
have smelled pesticide spray in samples as well. This concerns me a 
lot. I think we have a good source for it, but I still feel it is a 
flavor that is hard to justify, so we just dropped it off the public 
list. I think we can sell it to you if you email us. It's a nice 
clean lot, no nasties, shipped in special jute bags.

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