[Homeroast] Where is the Monsooned Malabar; AA

Rick Copple rick at copple.us
Tue Mar 16 16:41:31 CDT 2010

Dennis Parham wrote:
> Just something I was thinking about... and waiting for... Where is
> the Monsooned Malabar AA ?

I was just telling someone a couple days ago about this coffee, and 
realized I hadn't seen it on the list for a while. It too is one of my 

You can be sure, though, if it hasn't been on the list lately, its 
because there's not any good stuff to be found.

The Aged Sumatran, however, is good. Not as wild as the last time I 
tried it a few years ago. Others who have tried drank some of my brew 
have enjoyed it. Good coffee.

And far as do it yourself aging, I think the risk you run if you don't 
do it right is ending up with moldy, rotting coffee beans. I think you 
have to keep the environment "just right" (whatever that might be) to 
make it work.

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