[Homeroast] OT - Inhalable Coffee: Le Whif

Michael Irrera mirrera at me.com
Thu Mar 11 12:55:43 CST 2010

Rather than my usual quad americano after lunch today, I grabbed one of these:


Despite (or because of) the gimmicky-ness of it, I had to try it.  But, I don't think that this is going to be replacing anyone's cup of joe anytime soon.  Here are some of my impressions:

The little dispenser is the size and shape of a lipstick case.  You open it up and breathe it in (about 8 "hits" per shot), and it coats the inside of your mouth with a very fine powder.  It's not an unpleasant feeling, and it doesn't go down into your lungs or make you cough or anything.  And it tastes somewhat like coffee, anyway.  More like I remember a spoonful of Folgers tasting as a kid (I didn't know better - my two-year-old gets to munch a freshly roasted bean from each batch, now).  It leaves virtually no aftertaste.

The tagline on the packaging is "as rich as coffee, as light as air".  The ingredients are powdered sugar, sugar, spray dried coffee powder, natural & artificial flavor, caffeine.  There's 18mg of caffeine per dose, and 1 calorie.  The expiration date is 01/2012.  Made in France.

I can see the point of the chocolate ones a bit more -- there's a big difference in calories between it and a chocolate bar.  That argument doesn't work with coffee, unless you compare it to the Mammoth Caramel Lattes out there.  But I'll give them credit for coming up with something innovative.  It won't be replacing any more cups of coffee for, me, though.


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