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Thanks for the incite and comments on this coffee news clip.
Especially what is up with decaf these days.
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> Just another ridiculous NYT article on coffee. I mean, they all have
> something good in them, but along with a lot of obvious misstatements, and
> omissions. Like you guys already pointed out, how can you write an article
> about good coffee in NY citing coffee facts that, if you use them, produce
> lousy coffee? Anyway, Read the comments - I would agree that skipping
> Gorilla and skipping Orens Daily Roast is lame, 2 real NYC roasters and not
> imports. These articles always act as though something new has just
> happened, or coffee has been rediscovered like, uh, yesterday. Did you see
> the pour-over article a few weeks ago? Gee, who ever thought of pouring hot
> water over coffee before? The real story in pour over is 40 years old, and
> goes by the name "Chemex"
> The decaf article is equally odd, but at least has some factoids in it. Was
> just a tiny hair peeved that the writer states how Jeremy found this great
> coffee in Nyeri and had it decafed. I did, it's SM coffee, we put it
> together in cupping and we sent it to be decaffeinated - we sold some to
> four barrel. Jeremy actually told the writer that, but they omit it.
> Whatever ... the main point should have been that some people are selecting
> their own lots and sending them to decaf, rather than buying it off a
> brokers offer sheet. Importers have started sending all their coffees for
> decaf straight from origin to save cost, so they are not lots they really
> preselect for quality, then choose to decaf. That's one notch above the old
> decaf system where everyone bought stocklots that the decaf plant would buy,
> and were really lousy coffee, but it's not what it could be. Taste our Kenya
> decaf and tell me it isn't amazing - I am really proud of the decafs we are
> sending. In fact we have 3 new custom decaf lots coming back soon...
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> -Tom
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