[Homeroast] NY Times Article on the best coffee in New York

Tom & Maria - Sweet Maria's Coffee sweetmarias at sweetmarias.com
Wed Mar 10 16:14:08 CST 2010

Just another ridiculous NYT article on coffee. I mean, they all have 
something good in them, but along with a lot of obvious 
misstatements, and omissions. Like you guys already pointed out, how 
can you write an article about good coffee in NY citing coffee facts 
that, if you use them, produce lousy coffee? Anyway, Read the 
comments - I would agree that skipping Gorilla and skipping Orens 
Daily Roast is lame, 2 real NYC roasters and not imports. These 
articles always act as though something new has just happened, or 
coffee has been rediscovered like, uh, yesterday. Did you see the 
pour-over article a few weeks ago? Gee, who ever thought of pouring 
hot water over coffee before? The real story in pour over is 40 years 
old, and goes by the name "Chemex"

The decaf article is equally odd, but at least has some factoids in 
it. Was just a tiny hair peeved that the writer states how Jeremy 
found this great coffee in Nyeri and had it decafed. I did, it's SM 
coffee, we put it together in cupping and we sent it to be 
decaffeinated - we sold some to four barrel. Jeremy actually told the 
writer that, but they omit it. Whatever ... the main point should 
have been that some people are selecting their own lots and sending 
them to decaf, rather than buying it off a brokers offer sheet. 
Importers have started sending all their coffees for decaf straight 
from origin to save cost, so they are not lots they really preselect 
for quality, then choose to decaf. That's one notch above the old 
decaf system where everyone bought stocklots that the decaf plant 
would buy, and were really lousy coffee, but it's not what it could 
be. Taste our Kenya decaf and tell me it isn't amazing - I am really 
proud of the decafs we are sending. In fact we have 3 new custom 
decaf lots coming back soon...

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