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Oh, now I understand.
"Agtron system is used to
specify the roast level, as determined by the
"ground" coffee.
Not the whole bean unground.

OK. So the roaster, with his monumental experience, would need to confirm
the roast by scavenging a few sample beans, grinding them, laying the
grounds under the correct light for comparison with the tiles, that have
completely different color pigments than the coffee grounds... Madison
Avenue strikes again!

[Aggies- take a lesson from TSA, who can use their X-ray vision to see
beneath the surface without removing any covers... ]

"Also the system is profile independent, couldn't care less about how it got
Except for [the roaster, who Does care] uniformity in the color of the
Uniformity- is that what you want? What happened to complexity and the
freedom to be different? Welcome to 1984- do svidaniya.

The Agtron Spectrophotometer system is not a tool for developing or
evaluating profiles, simply final roast level.
[After grinding and A-B comparing under the correct color temperature
However, Agtron has expanded to offering Coffee Roasting Control Systems.
Based on Carl Staub's groundbreaking "Kinetic Roasting Method," Agtron Inc.
developed two
electronic roasting wizards that can be fit to existing roasting equipment.

Oh, they also have a spectrophotometer specifically designed to address the
special requirements [of] evaluating color changes relative to the frying
process of French Fried Potatoes. [First, grind up the fries!] - developed
at the request of MickyD's?
And another one evaluating color changes during tomato maturation.
And yet another used extensively in a large variety of food products like;
flours [finely-ground grains], spices, grains, nuts, cereals, sugars, snack
baked goods, etc. They are also used for pharmaceuticals, plastics,
chemicals, paper and other industries.

Yet again, new applications for Old Technology- When your doctor requests a
certain Winnie the Pooh sample for testing your digestive enzymes. Agtron
Scanners to the rescue with their Model S*. [Known by the delighted lab
techs as the Agtron S* Scanner (ASS) test.]

Since the tile pigments can't be identical to the pigments in the coffee
grounds, the comparison is only interpretive. and you could just as well use
an Edsel 410 engine, that also "is not a tool for developing or evaluating

Viel Spaß -RayO, aka Opa!
Persist in old ways; expect different results - suborn Insanity...

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