[Homeroast] Wednesday morning cup

Justin Schwarz houstini at comcast.net
Wed Mar 10 12:05:12 CST 2010

This morning pulled shots of C+ roasted Molpaco Yirg 12 days old and singing louder than ever, a couple of ristressos and a normale doble americano.  So much sweetness, so delicious, the rest really helped fill in the body of this one. Today's coffee reminds me that it's all worth it (as if I needed reminding).

What's brewing in your world?

Approx profile on my grill FYI

Load temp 460 preheated on med/low
temp stabilized at 300                               2:30
full heat for fast ramp to just before 1st     10:30
cut heat when temp reached 400 1c start    11:30
cut heat to minimum at rolling 1st             12:00
dump @ 440                                           16:00

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