[Homeroast] Does this sound right?

Greg Rothschild greg at gregrothschild.com
Mon Mar 8 14:52:21 CST 2010

Hi all, 
I'm new to roasting and new to the list as of a few days ago. Is it ok to
ask very basic roasting questions? So far I've only seen posts on what I'd
call advanced topics and I don't want to spoil your fun ;)  If this list is
for more advanced discussions could someone please point me to a discussion
group/list that is a better fit for me? Eventually I want to be an advanced
roaster so my trip has only just begun.
If it is ok to ask... here goes. Voltage is good (119-123) and temp in the
house is 63F and the roaster is a Behmor. This is my first attempt at
roasting a blend and I want to know if what I did looks ok. The blend was
3oz Guatemala Huehuetenango, 3oz Ethiopia DP Yirga Cheffe and 6oz Brazil DP
Cerrado Fazenda Aurea. 12oz total with the one pound setting on the P4
profile (P4 is a three step ramp to full heat with full heat coming in about
65% of the way thru the roast). First crack started at 16:20 and lasted
about 1:30. I stopped the roast at 19:15, just as second crack started- I
actually pressed the cool button a split second before second crack started.
There were only a very few second cracks- it stopped almost immediately.
Beans look pretty dark to me though but they do not look burnt- FC+
possibly? I really don't know. So, think I did ok? By the way- do you
generally let blends rest longer than single origins? 
Thanks very much for any help you can offer.  

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