[Homeroast] Chemistry of Roasting coffee?

Aaron Boothe adboothe at gmail.com
Tue Mar 9 10:30:02 CST 2010

Hey Ken,

i just graduated with a degree in chemistry, and I did my undergrad research
on roasting chemistry.  And there is really not a lot of info on the topic.
If you haven't looked at sweet marias page on coffee books, there are some
really good ones there:


Especially look at the Coffee Flavor Chemistry Book by Ivon Flament (i
recommend checking it out at the library).  Otherwise coffeechemistry.com is
somewhat helpful (as already mentioned) the Boot Coffee Institute has some
helpful resources as does Illy coffee.  Most things you will find are not
actually on the science of roasting, but the flavor chemistry of the roasted
bean.  Michael Sivetz has done alot of research, but im not sure how easily
accessable it is...

Aaron B

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