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> The reason that all of the detailed data collection and mathematical 
> analysis fails in producing a repeatable roast or cup is that 
> coffee is 
> an agricultural crop and there is no way to quantify the bean 
> variables, 
> or even identify all of them.

To an extent agree but to a much larger extent you'd surprised how wrong you
are. There are some very very sophisticated roast monitoring and control
systems in use out there. Light years beyond the whimpy by comparison $5k
control system on my little roaster.

You roast a bit by inspection 
> and grind 
> it and cup it, adjust for effect.  Then when you change 
> batches of beans 
> you repeat the process, even if th new batch of beans is from 
> the same 
> region and crop.

Yup, even with the most sophisticated equipment you still adjust according
to taste, bean condition etc. Last batch of Delirium tweaked one of the 5
profiles 2 degrees lower EOR, another 30sec quicker SOF to EOR keeping same
finish degree. The more sophiticated the system the easier and quicker it is
to dial in a desired end result change. That's using SCIENCE to implement
(not replace) the ART.

And yes this applies to home roasting. I used the same principles profile
roasting with my Frankenformer dual variable boosted voltage controlled
Caffe' Rosto from many years, likewise Mike (just plain) PID'd Ubber Popper,
Jim Schulman PID'd FR, I forget who (sorry) PID'd controlled HotTop, my and
Mike Chester's Jeffrey Pawlin designed Computer Controlled HotTop and the
list goes on and on of serious profile controlled home roasting.

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