[Homeroast] OT Marketing (resending )The Dreaded Starbucks

Frank Parth fparth at mac.com
Mon Mar 8 16:13:44 CST 2010

Since I also own my own business I "feel your pain".  As a consultant, marketing should be 1/3 of my time. No matter 
how good a consulting job I do, and I've got some really great client recommendations, it doesn'tguarantee that next 

One of the books I recommend when I teach a class on setting up a consulting business is "The E-Myth". Estanding for 
entrepreneurial. It strongly emphasize how much time a startup businessman should spend on the parts of the business 
outside of the purely technical part, whether that's selling great coffee, selling pies, or consulting.

I loaned my last copy out, and I can't remember who I loaned it to. Otherwise I'd send you one.

Frank Parth

>  And yet barely (and not always) even able to pay all the business the bills
>  on time. Forget about me making a dime. MARKETING! I've been told by many
>  we're pretty damned good at making the beans sing. I do a good job sourcing
>  greens, fair hand roasting each, not half bad brew in brewing 'bout any
>  method especially espresso. Have succeeded in finding some very talented and
>  passionate barista working with me. And yet the cash register is were in
>  counts, when it comes to keeping the doors open. In all honest humility I'm
>  pretty damn good at coffee, but I'm pretty damn lousy at MARKETING! Doesn't
>  matter how great a product is if the word isn't spread enough. While true
>  word of mouth is the best form of advertising, it's not necessarily the
>  fasted or fast enough to build a business to profitability.
>  I've thought about a marketing "angle" for quite some time but have been
>  chicken to implement it. No more. It's simple. Advertising something like
>  "THE BEST coffee in Clark County, if YOU don't agree your cup is on the
>  House". Probably make it shorter.
>  Yes, much can be learned from Charbucks. None of it about quality coffee,
>  all of it about marketing.
>  Slave to the Bean Kona Konnaisseur miKe mcKoffee
>  http://www.NorwestCoffee.com

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