[Homeroast] OT Marketing

Steven Van Dyke coffee at svandyke.com
Mon Mar 8 14:20:59 CST 2010

>I've thought about a marketing "angle" for quite some time but have been
>chicken to implement it. No more. It's simple. Advertising something like
>"THE BEST coffee in Clark County, if YOU don't agree your cup is on the
>House". Probably make it shorter.
>Yes, much can be learned from Charbucks. None of it about quality coffee,
>all of it about marketing.

"Our coffee is the best.  First one's free if you don't agree."

"Coffee that tastes like it smells - and it smells GOOD!"  (that's 
how I explain homeroast to people)

"We obsess about coffee so you don't have to."

"WARNING: Tasting our coffee will make all others taste bad." 

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