[Homeroast] When your do NOT have home roasted coffee... a Sunday post.

Peter Louton peter at midwestbicycleworks.com
Sun Mar 7 22:41:38 CST 2010

I sort of travel that way, but I usually just bring my beans for the week I'm visiting some place.  If I have time, I'll get Charbucks to make a french press of the Shade Grown Mexican or the Sidamo with ok success, but always better than the stuff in the pot, but my caffeine addiction will force me to resort to occasional bad coffee.  As to the person with the bad espresso, when I do mine, I always throw away the first shot and the second shot is better and the third and etc... is always spot on once I have it dialed in.

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On Mar 7, 2010 9:25 PM, "Terry McVay \(rr\)" <tmcvay at hawaii.rr.com> wrote: 

Ummm, Tom I gotta admit that's how I travel if I'm gone for more than a

week... A Poppery, Turkish grinder and melitta pourover and the Bodum H2O

boiler.. Would rather buy clothes where I'm going than coffee..  But keep

the crown it won't pass TSA anyhoo.


Tom sez: " Now, if we found someone on the list who actually travels with

green coffee and 

a roaster (!) as well as grinder and brewer..."


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