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> My opinion - Despite where they started or what the original 
> intentions
> were, the current products don't taste good. The folk who are 
> Starbucks
> devotees have been lead there by marketing, not necessarily 
> their taste
> buds.

And finally 2 1/2 years after entering the professional coffee arena in the
heart of espresso meca the importance and necessity of good aggressive
marketing is slapping me in the face, hard. Many many times I've had
customers comment how it (whatever coffee beverage they're drinking) was the
best they've EVER had. Been told better than Lava Java (owned by former USBC
champion). Been told better than Barista, owned by 3 time (or is it 4) NW
Regional Barista champion. Often told better than Portland ruling the roost
Stumptown. Have a customer, a teacher, who lives and works in Portland but
drives to Paradise Café to grade papers over our coffee. She was over heard
talking to another customer telling how she by drove past Portland shops
(naming top rated Stumptown, Albina Press, Barista) to come to my place

And yet barely (and not always) even able to pay all the business the bills
on time. Forget about me making a dime. MARKETING! I've been told by many
we're pretty damned good at making the beans sing. I do a good job sourcing
greens, fair hand roasting each, not half bad brew in brewing 'bout any
method especially espresso. Have succeeded in finding some very talented and
passionate barista working with me. And yet the cash register is were in
counts, when it comes to keeping the doors open. In all honest humility I'm
pretty damn good at coffee, but I'm pretty damn lousy at MARKETING! Doesn't
matter how great a product is if the word isn't spread enough. While true
word of mouth is the best form of advertising, it's not necessarily the
fasted or fast enough to build a business to profitability.

I've thought about a marketing "angle" for quite some time but have been
chicken to implement it. No more. It's simple. Advertising something like
"THE BEST coffee in Clark County, if YOU don't agree your cup is on the
House". Probably make it shorter.

Yes, much can be learned from Charbucks. None of it about quality coffee,
all of it about marketing.

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