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Mon Mar 8 04:28:32 CST 2010

As Dad said, "Ray, why do you always have to learn things the hard way?"

I just did it again. Thought I'd try some Boyers commercial coffee product
again, just to reaffirm the light at the end of the tunnel is getting
brighter, not just an approaching diesel locomotive.

Their so-called Bolder Boulder blend, not their purpose roasted espresso
blend, looked and smelled like the best candidate for espresso. "This was
being roasted and blended yesterday- It's fresh, but you won't like it as

Rong- ground at 21, (0.0128") there was no end of crema. Sunday evening, I
had been playing with some pour-overs and really botched the setting for a
wonderful, relaxing shot of Boyers non-espresso. Karen's suggestion- "Heat
Soy milk over sugar, and brew a shot into that for me" got a " the straight
shots are good enough but this has complexity that was missing."

I managed to set the grinder to 18 (0.0110") for my shot. My honey liked the
heated Soy milk and sugar, so, why not...

30 seconds later, the shot was barely moving. Some kind of double ristretto
over a shot of heated Soy milk and organic cane sugar. Wading through a
field of Bailey's Irish Cream tastes just like this- Wow!

No Bailey's Irish Cream among the participants of the Bolder Boulder
marathon, but they could get their kicks on Three-Six with this brew! Also,
no part of the marathon is run on US 36, the Denver- Boulder turnpike, and
there are no longer any turnpike gates on the turnpike, but the rhyme needed

Good misteaks are hard to find.

Cheers, Mabuhay -RayO, aka Opa!

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