[Homeroast] hazmat blends of *$

sci scizen at gmail.com
Mon Mar 8 01:54:37 CST 2010

I don't deny the need for extreme repeatability for certain ventures. But
such high tolerances for the homeroaster isn't helpful. I don't use NASA
standards for maintaining my car.  Look at another food analogy: steaks. I
like mine medium. And there's a range of acceptable levels of cooking that
qualify as medium. Go to a fine steak house and order a Filet and let me
order a rib-eye, both medium. Your filet will look like it is medium rare
compared to my rib-eye. Coffee is quite similar. FC is well after first
crack, but well before second crack. But I have roasted many coffees (a
Koratie DP comes to mind) that look like (quite dark) they are FC+ when
first crack ends. Go figure. So what was it? It had the dark color of FC+
but the first crack just ended and the EOR temp was consistent with my other
C+ roasts. How's an agtron scale going to help there? Reminds me of cooking
a filet. For me saying FC (or any roast name) is like saying "medium" on a
steak order. It can have an acceptable range. If I had a commercial roasting
setup, I'd have to be concerned with high repeatability.

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