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Thanks for the insiders news clip on the buying habits of *$'s. I always
wondered if they just bought whole farms to control the green bean market as
much as possible.

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> When traveling I will try an airport Starbucks if they are brewing
> something OTHER than one of their blends. But why anyone would want the
> stale old dark roast blends they offer ... and not only that but get a 20 oz
> cup of it is beyond me. Frankly, if there was only that available, I would
> quit coffee. I find any of their blends to be a deeply depressing beverage
> ... I am not kidding or exaggerating. I have had acceptable cups of Sidamo
> DP, Colombia Narino and Brazil there, acceptable for travel coffee. On the
> retail side, they are destructive. On the buying side, there was a time when
> they did quite a bit for farmers, and paid well. But right now they are
> dropping their volumes in many expensive origins and buying serious amounts
> of Brazil coffee. That is completely new. They used to offer a  Brazil every
> so often, now they are buying cheap Brazils based on price. So my former
> regard for them, earned during the coffee crisis when the C market dipped
> very low, but they kept buying Centrals at good prices, well, that Starbucks
> doesnt exist any more it seems
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> -Tom
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