[Homeroast] (resending )The Dreaded Starbucks

Tom Ulmer tom at transtate.us
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It could be an evil empire and every good cause need a nemesis story?

Similar to you I believe Starbucks likely provided inertia for the current
specialty coffee atmosphere. Also a passable coffee can be had many places
that would not have one otherwise.

With that said, the majority of my coffee consumption revolves around my own
kitchen when convenient. Rarely do I go out for coffee or hit the Nespresso
at work. So I probably don't represent the mean value of this list.
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Subject: The Dreaded Starbucks
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This may or may not be considered off topic but, 
I am curious. I see a lot of people on this this that seem to look down upon
Stabucks, I am curious as to why. Starbucks seem to get a lot of negative
attention in the Speciality Coffee Industry in spite of many of the positive
contributions that they have made. I was wondering what people's opinions
are on Starbucks and why.

Ryan M. Ward

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