[Homeroast] Finished roast color coding relevance > Is it just me?

Joseph Robertson theotherjo at gmail.com
Sun Mar 7 14:40:31 CST 2010

Sounds so sweet, I'm salivating reading this description. I've been dead to
the world with a bad sinus throat cold since last Monday. I have no taste
buds for the time being. So your descriptions  has my memory brain cells
working overtime to get my pleasure centers sparked. With out taste buds all
we have is our memory's. One side tech question, did you pre or post roast
blend this  batch? Keep tasting, after all is said on these lists the truth
is in the cup.
Thanks for sharing Tom,

On Sun, Mar 7, 2010 at 12:26 PM, Tom Ulmer <tom at transtate.us> wrote:

> Cheers to you Joe. My scales of sensibility are easily upset but I don't
> believe I've been offended by any occurrence on the list. You appear to be
> a
> kind and gentle soul and I suspect that I am a ragged gentleman at best.
> Just the same, this morning's shots pulled from a 7:2 blend of Costa Rican
> Red Honey and dry processed Yirga Cheffe was outstanding by any measure...
> visible spectrums included.
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> Tom,
> Very sorry for as rayO puts it "the implication of" my statement.
> I did not mean to offend you or raise a flame flag here.
> I also do not know the definition of your comment "accept the status quo
> without question" I thought this list was all about questions and comments.
> I really did not mean to offend you or anyone and for this I do apologize
> and accept any and all comments in this regard. In the future I will choose
> my comments with more care. I confess though I may have a problem accepting
> the status quo without question.
> Roast on and enjoy the very best coffee possible.
> JoeR
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