[Homeroast] hazmat blends of *$

sci scizen at gmail.com
Sun Mar 7 14:18:23 CST 2010


"...hazmat blends of *$"

Ok, I say RayO gets the daily Pulitzer for that one. I hope you don't mind
me repeating that elsewhere.

When is an egg over-easy, over-medium, or over-hard? I guess I need to get
an Agtron in my kitchen to know when all my foods are cooked the same.
IMHO, Extreme repeatability in any food processing, whether coffee,
restaurant recipes, or whatever, is a commercially driven desire. I have to
agree with the the view that homeroasting is a corrective to this drive.
Call it the McDonaldization of culture, but I'm sick and tired of extreme
repeatability because it creates a monotonous culture. Sure, we expect it
for Henry Ford kinds of production where it is essential.


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