[Homeroast] When your do NOT have home roasted coffee... a Sunday post.

Justin Schwarz houstini at comcast.net
Sun Mar 7 13:53:10 CST 2010

A few years back I picked up a popper at a thrift store before I went to the Tucson gem show for 2 weeks, I roasted on the porch at the house I was staying at and after 17 days I still had fresh coffee.  Not a regular habit but I knew what my options would be, I did find a good cafe, I can't remember what it was called but they had a freezer with their retail coffee in it and a tiny roasting room in the back. 

A condo we stayed at in Kona had a popper that had clearly been used to incinerate some coffee.

Pulling SO shots of Molpaco Yirg and Oromia Yirg both roasted To a nice C+ nice floral and fruit aromatics in both but too thin for straight shots, made wonderful americanos.  Tried blending each with Brazil Cerrado roasted to light vienna 75/25 much better shots but still lacking something, maybe rest? Best shots in a week nonetheless.


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