[Homeroast] Finished roast color coding relevance > Is it just me?

Joseph Robertson theotherjo at gmail.com
Sun Mar 7 13:08:15 CST 2010

Sorry about all the perceived implications RayO. What's it take to wake the
sleeping bear RayO?
Now I know. Good to hear from you even if it's a good ole' RayO literary
homeroast spanking.
Very sorry to offend anyone here or raise a flame flag. Seriously not my
Ray, I agree this list has nothing to do with the commercial coffee world
and we both know miKe quite well. The "Commercial Coffee World" is no where
so start the journey that we are all on but coffee wisdom lies in many dark
corners of our coffee past.
I hope if I find a really good deal on an Agtron you don't give me a nic
name of boyd. I'm just a little science guy who can't help himself. I want
to know what I'm not supposed to know and taste everyone's coffee no matter
what they roast the beans with.
Ok, back to lurkdom I slip, have a great cup of your homeroast  today.

On Sun, Mar 7, 2010 at 12:53 AM, <raymanowen at gmail.com> wrote:

> It is not a requirement of this list that each person parrot the
> politically
> correct palaver as stated by anyone else in the whole world. What's the
> advantage in that?
> The implication of:
> "What do you mean some validity?"
> miKe just tried to [convince] you that in the commercial coffee world...
> Implies the art of roasting goes so far and no further; personal
> advancement
> ceases to exist.
> *WHAT* in Blazes does this list have to do with the commercial coffee
> world?
> NOTHING, and miKe, of all people is the antithesis of Big Coffee.
> What is it about miKe that makes you think that his hobby or enterprise is
> based on the archaic and bearded Agtron tile inadequacies, or any other
> facet of the commercial coffee world? Isn't that what primarily drove us
> all
> to roasting and brewing for ourselves?
> The Commercial Coffee World- home of Foulgers, and the hazmat blends of *$.
> Since FC roasted coffee is not a primary color perceived by the human eye,
> it can't be directly quantified. The credulity required to standardize on a
> quality rendered differently by the rods and cones in every human retina is
> on the same page as "Human hearing is from 20hz - 20Khz "
> The Cosar and Macbeth densitometers can resolve Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and
> Black colors for critical graphics work, and can be found online for far
> less than their original prices. In the 3-D mode, they could read coffee
> beans, and 8000K super high intensity LED's could replace the incandescent
> light sources.
> In the roaster control loop, a cheap densitometer or colorimeter would
> allow
> a roast degree to be set to a specific number.
> Cheers and Mabuhay -RayO, aka Opa!
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> Persist in old ways; expect different results - suborn Insanity...
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