[Homeroast] When your do NOT have home roasted coffee... a Sundaypost.

Bob Hazen peatmonster at comcast.net
Sun Mar 7 12:44:35 CST 2010

It sure makes it nice to come home, though.  Being on the road and consuming 
was the masses call "coffee" does indeed remind me why I complicate my life 
with home roasting.  It could be escaping the withdrawal headache with a 
bottle of no-doze is a better option than drinking dreck.  I just returned 
from 2 days of train and hotel coffee.  Two days was enough.  It's time for 


>A nice post reminding us why we complicate our lives with home roasting. I 
>think in some sick way I enjoy traveling because there are always those 
>transit days that force a person to either a. estimate where they can get 
>the least-worst cup of coffee or b. get a cup of tea.


> This all brings me to, of course, Via. I just don't get it. The idea of 
> traveling with your own mediocre Starbucks coffee because you are so 
> addicted to it you can't be without, even when you go to some imaginary 
> city with less than 1000 sbucks locations, well, it seems very depressing.


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