[Homeroast] A happy wake up call ... a personal story andtriumph

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Mea culpa.  You're right, maybe I was a bit too harsh, but it was just my
opinion.  Diedrich's did start in OC, and I've talked to Martin several
times at Kean about many different aspects of roasting and brewing coffee.
I did not mean to disparage his shop, and I also think JC Beans is pretty
good for regular drip coffee (I've bought several morning cups on my way to
the beach before sun up).  Even though I think Kean is the best currently
available, it is not consistently good, again in my opinion.  Sometimes its
great and other times, it's very disappointing.  Unlike when I go to other
well recognized shops, especially in the Bay Area, they have been always
good in my experience, and their roasted beans are great.  That's more what
I meant, but oh well, I guess that's what I get for typing so late at night.

And Frank, you've caused me to want to atone for my erroneous
generalization, and I will go to JC Beans in a few hours and hopefully
contribute to this month's profits in exchange for a cappa.  I hope they can
live up to my expectations and bring the OC up another step in my eyes.
I'll atone with Kean next week when I'm in Newport.  I'll still always pick
them and other independent shops over the chains when I can.

And don't get me wrong, I grew up here and moved back after college, so I'm
not trying to criticize from an outsider's point of view.  I just want a
nice local café with fresh beans and well trained baristas.  Maybe I should
put up or shut up, and I know of a great location for a local shop, but this
is still in the dream phases.

Thanks and no personal offense to the Orange County, CA coffee sellers,
drinkers, and roasters.  :-)  Have a great Sunday, I know I will,


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>  Life is good ... with fresh coffee.
>  As you may or may not know, I'm in one of the towns without a good 
> coffee  shop (Orange County, CA).  ...
>   ...
>  Greg

Wow! That's quite a statement.

I live in Orange County, CA, also and I've found a number of good coffee
shops.  IIRC, OC is where Dedrichs got its start, and had a great shop in
Newport Beach on PCH. May still be there.

There's a list of coffee houses at http://www.letseatoc.com/coffee.htm, and
even throwing out the Starbucks shops there's still several dozen coffee
shops listed. I like JC Beans in Dana Point and Natale's in Huntington Beach
has some good coffees, but there are many others.

Frank Parth

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