[Homeroast] A happy wake up call ... a personal story and triumph

Frank Parth fparth at mac.com
Sun Mar 7 09:14:10 CST 2010

>  Life is good ... with fresh coffee.
>  As you may or may not know, I'm in one of the towns without a good coffee
>  shop (Orange County, CA).  ...
>   ...
>  Greg

Wow! That's quite a statement.

I live in Orange County, CA, also and I've found a number of good coffee shops.  IIRC, OC is where Dedrichs got its 
start, and had a great shop in Newport Beach on PCH. May still be there.

There's a list of coffee houses at http://www.letseatoc.com/coffee.htm, and even throwing out the Starbucks shops 
there's still several dozen coffee shops listed. I like JC Beans in Dana Point and Natale's in Huntington Beach has 
some good coffees, but there are many others.

Frank Parth

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