[Homeroast] Finished roast color coding relevance > Is it just me?

Tom Ulmer tom at transtate.us
Sun Mar 7 08:29:11 CST 2010

Please excuse the blasphemous misstep on your world Joe. There are those
among us that accept the status quo without question and then there are
those who quite obviously do not. Certainly this display is relevant to your
chorus of opinion but it does little to further, possibly relevant,

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What do you mean some validity? miKe just tried to explain to you that in
the commercial coffee world which I realize your not a part of, uses the
Agtron system as the industry standard. It was validated many years ago.
It's just not a tool small roasters like us can or may want to afford. It
might help with clear communication here if  we do a little research out
side of this list so we come here and discuss things on the same page. When
it comes to coffee I want to know and experience as much as possible. That
is one reason I follow this list. I'm sure all of this will be way more
clear than muddy coffee soon.

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