[Homeroast] A happy wake up call ... a personal story and triumph

Greg Hollrigel ghollrigel at gmail.com
Sat Mar 6 23:31:49 CST 2010

Life is good ... with fresh coffee.
As you may or may not know, I'm in one of the towns without a good coffee
shop (Orange County, CA).  I was taking my eldest to acting class the other
evening, and decided to take my 2 younger ones to a chain store (not $bucks)
to try a cappucino while we waited.  They served me probably a 16 oz cup.
All I could say was ugggh.  The milk felt like soap bubbles and burnt, way
too hot.  I was about half foam on top of the coffee and then below was a
weak excuse for a coffee elixir.  Reminded myself how bad coffee can be.
The next morning I woke up as usual around 4 or 4:30.  My latest batch of
Colombian (Colombia Platos Fuertes de Huila Microlot Mix) roasted just to
the end of 1st crack was on it's 3rd day rest.  I whipped up a cup in the
CCD, and all I can say was I hit the roast and brew perfect.  My experience
with Colombians in the past has been less than stellar, so I was using this
as an experimental roast.  This coffee turned out perfect.  Even my wife,
who doesn't obsess about these things, noticed what a clean cup this was.  A
nice quiet early morning enjoying a perfect cup of coffee.  Ahhhhh!
Then, I decided to make 2 cappucinos out of my first blend ("Dr.'s Rx No.
1").  It is a post-roast blend of 2 parts Brazil, 1 part Costa Rica, 1 part
Ethiopian Yirga Cheffe.  Brazil & Costa Rican roasted individually just over
the edge of 2nd crack.  The Yirga Cheffe taken to before second, and
probably a bit too far, but I still got the lemony fruit flavors out of the
drip cup (I'm calling it C+).  The blend was about 5 days post roast.  Wow!
I really succeeded on this blend.  Nice syrupy shots with a good color crema
and tiger striping.  Also made the microfoam just right and had 2 wonderful
cups.  This was quite the eye opening experience about how far I have grown
in my coffee tasting, quest, and roasting/pulling skills, especially
compared to the chain from the night before.  Honestly, night and day
difference.  I was in a good mood for the morning revelry with the troops.
I was so impressed with myself (LoL), that a few hours later, I pulled a
shot of the Dr.'s Rx to see if it really stood up to the challenge.  Again,
perfect for me.  A nice buttery caramelly shot with hints of chocolate
sweetness and fruity brightness.  I was a little concerned the Costa Rican
might not work well, and that the combination being 50% Costa
Rican/Ethiopian might shift the flavor off, but it worked.  I've got a half
a pound left, and I've been enjoying each and every shot like the previous.
I've got 12 oz of Workshop #7 resting for Tues/Wed, I can only hope that I
continue with my success when I transition to this blend.  If not, I may go
see the Dr. again.  :-)
Enjoy your Sunday morning cup, I know I will.  Now to contemplate what to
roast for a trip to England, the home of instant coffee, at least where I'm

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