[Homeroast] Finished roast color coding relevance > Is it just me?

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Sat Mar 6 18:55:36 CST 2010

What do you mean some validity? miKe just tried to explain to you that in
the commercial coffee world which I realize your not a part of, uses the
Agtron system as the industry standard. It was validated many years ago.
It's just not a tool small roasters like us can or may want to afford. It
might help with clear communication here if  we do a little research out
side of this list so we come here and discuss things on the same page. When
it comes to coffee I want to know and experience as much as possible. That
is one reason I follow this list. I'm sure all of this will be way more
clear than muddy coffee soon.

On Sat, Mar 6, 2010 at 11:51 AM, Tom Ulmer <tom at transtate.us> wrote:

> Assuming the large commercial roaster employs the same basic roasting
> method
> (or profile if you like) with similar product there might be some validity
> to the Agtron system. However, I think we can agree there is more than one
> way to reach a specific color. As well there is color change as the coffee
> rests.
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> Say a large commercial roaster who has a large wholesale customer who buys
> a
> specific bean/blend roasted to a specific degree of roast over and over
> again? They need it to be the same every time. Using the Agtron system can
> ensure each batch/shipment is exactly, not almost, not close, not around,
> but virtually the exact degree of roast agreed time after time because the
> (ground for testing) coffee matches time after time.
> miKe
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