[Homeroast] Is it just me?

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This is another reason I  asked if the industry had set standard definitions based on some fundamental change in the bean, another consideration is the uneven browning of the outside vs the inside which is dependant on the ambient temperature. A definition based on color unless other variables such as temperature were accounted for.

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> ...and...and...and...hard bean, high grown coffees roast differently and 
> take on a darker color much later in the roast than the less dense, lower 
> grown coffees.
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> > No, it is not just you.  There are two roots to this problem.  The  first 
> > is that we are talking about a continuous variable by using an  ordinal 
> > scale, it is like talking about height using the categories  short, 
> > medium, and tall without having exact measurements and tools to  make the 
> > measurements for the categories.  The best we have, in my  opinion, are 
> > SweetMaria's pictures but our computer monitors even show  them somewhat 
> > differently.  The second problem is that the speed and  way of roasting 
> > can produce varying degrees of difference between the  unground and ground 
> > beans colors.  A very fast roast can produce less  roasted middles of the 
> > beans than a slower roast and it will produce  more difference between the 
> > colors of the whole and ground beans.  The  result is that we have less 
> > than perfect communication when we are  writing about roasted bean colors.
> >    pecan jim
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