[Homeroast] Is it just me?

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Sat Mar 6 01:00:29 CST 2010

Not a bad idea.

Ryan M. Ward

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> Subject: Re: [Homeroast] Is it just me?
> Maybe Tom could include a Macbeth's mini-color reference card next to 
> any of the bean pictures.  This will allow for proper monitor/printer 
> adjustment to remove monitor/printer induced error.
> Ryan M. Ward wrote:
> > "How do you propose a home roaster (who also does NOT happen to be a chemist) determine sugar caramelization or organic converted to carbon percentages? I do hope you jest. If someone can't figure out how to communicate roast levels with the tools Tom's provided there's something very cognitively wrong..."
> > 
> > I think this issue may now be dead in the water and lost in technicalities, my fault. My original question, and follow up elaborations were never meant to be applied directly to the home roaster. I would never presume that a home roaster has the interest, training, etc... in chemistry to make analysis of organic compounds within coffee a practical or feasible way to determine the best ways to roast coffee. I was simply asking if the industry had set standards. 
> > 
> > In regards to the following comment:
> > 
> > "If someone can't figure out how to communicate roast levels with the
> > tools Tom's provided there's something very cognitively wrong..."
> > 
> > My perception of the origination of this discussion follows from the following:
> > 
> > 1) A lack of consistent usage of a naming convention- particularly to the symbols c++ and Full City Roast
> > 2) The fact that the color images provided by SM are monitor dependent and although are helpful, cannot be relied on rigorously (Please note, Tom, I do appreciate your providing that image and I do use it in my home roasting, my comments should be interpreted as statements of the limitations of technology, not a lack of appreciate for a service that you have provided to us free of charge) 
> > 
> > Now, besides the articles which I have found on the Sweet Maria's this picture considered in our present discussion is the only "tool" which I am familiar with from Sweet Maria's. Given these facts, I believe you have accused everyone participating in this discussion, who have posted legitimate questions- including myself, of having cognitive deficiencies. 
> > 
> > Is this what you mean to suggest?
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