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> On Mar 4, 2010, at 8:09 PM, Brian Kamnetz wrote:
> > I personally think that probably the finer distinctions -- City, C+,
> > C++, etc) have the most meaning for people who have learned to
> > "stretch" the part of the roast between first crack and 
> second crack.
> It isn't hard. If you rush through the first part of the 
> roast, you will end up in the last part of the roast much faster.
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> allon

True and false. True, "unless" you have the ability/skill to have let's say
a good 18f/min ramp tanning through browning phase (after drying phase) and
as "approaching" 1st slamming the breaks on the delta slowing the ramp to
let's say 6f/min ramp to finish with a well developed sweet and lively City
with 3 or better yet 3:30 start of early 1st to end of roast. Just going
slow through browning can result in "deader" cup. Of course too fast and it
can be imbalanced the other direction. 

Sometimes I miss the "good ol' days" of the List when a few of us did things
like roasting the same bean with different controlled bean temp monitored
profiles, things like comparing how going from 300f to 400f
(tanning/browning leading to 1st) at 10f/15f/20f/25f/min ramp rates affected
the cup. At one time there was a lot of serious hardcore art and science of
roasting going on. But you gotta have repeatable monitoring and control,
otherwise it can be just randomly turning beans brown... Not saying good
results can't be hand flying by the seat of your pants! I've paid my dues
learning to roast with a carbon steel 14gauge wok, SS skillet no stir "chef
toss" only etc. But tell you want, while those methods are fun and can yield
interesting cups they aren't necessarily the most effective methods to
really make each bean sing.

No biggy, everybody's Journey is different.

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