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> So we can have roasts beyond Full City designated High City.
> ;-)
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> allon

Somebody's High in the City:-) Whether Full High or Mostly High or only Half
roasted meaning Less may mean More only you can say! 

Back to the question: Why not --FC?
Because a double negative equals a positive and would therefore be +FC. And
of course FC+ could also be called LV, which though a City is a far cry from
City whether plus or minus. FWIWAIAM used LFC for many years rather than
City++. Continuing: though a double negative equals a positive, a double
positive equals a positive, but I'm positive since it's redundant though
double it's in essence really only single and hence City++ is in it's
singularity reduced to equal City+. Which is to say City+ may be roasted a
wee tad lighter than City++, yet City++ equals City+, logically speaking,
and neither equals --FC because that equals +FC which equals FC+ which equal
LV but does not equal LFC which is also a far cry from City but closer than
LV. Unless you're reading this in LV which means it can't be far because
you're there, but that's another conundrum to be tackled at a later date.

(LV=Light Vienna, LFC=Light Full City, FWIWAIAM=for what it's worth and it
ain't much)

And folks, that is one small reason why the Agtron Scale is used by the Big
Boys with Bucks to discuss roast levels!

Have fun with that one Ray-O! I've got too much work yet to do to double
check my (il)logic string of (un)consciousness...

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