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Wed Mar 3 20:51:46 CST 2010

Reminds me, today started running a limited edition "Ethiopia Kaldi Bomb" in
one of my SO grinders at the Roastery Coffeehouse. It's a mix of 2 different
WP and 2 different DP Ethiopia's each at 2 roast levels, City and Light Full
City. You guessed it, left overs from cupping samples from Café Imports! All
were very good to excellent high 80's to low 90's, mixed simply Killer. 

Which further reminds me, still gotta bag the Kenya Kirinyaga PB roasted
earlier before I can go home too...


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> You have 24 oz cups? ... I have trouble keeping a straight face when
> someone orders a large (20 oz in our shop). Well, sometimes the
> customer speaks enough & you gotta listen.
> cheers,
> Scott --> in an East African bliss from today's roasts...

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