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Yakster yakster at gmail.com
Wed Mar 3 16:12:48 CST 2010

The only way to change where the power drop occurs in the P2 roast on the
Behmor is by selecting the different roast time buttons, A, B, C (D is not
used on P2 profile).

For the 1 # profile, the power drop occurs (according to BehmorThing and my
experience backs this up) at the following times:

A     10:48
B     12:00
C     12:54

Pushing the + or - button only affects the length of the roast by extending
or diminishing the last leg.

I regularly roast 1 # batches of decaf for the in-laws.  For this large of a
batch, C1 happens well beyond 12:54, so for this, I program in a 1# P2 C
profile and run the beans at P1 for 2 minutes then stop and restart with a
1# P2 C button (BehmorThing has built-in pre-roast functionality to track
all this).  My last batch, the power drop occurred at 14:53 (12:54 + 1:59
pre-roast) and my first crack occurred less then a minute later at 15:42.  I
was able to stretch the time between the end of first to the start of second
to over three minutes this way and ended up with a nice roast.

For my other roasts, I roast smaller batches and usually don't do a
pre-roast.  The last Sumatra I roasted on a 1# P2 A profile for 9.4 oz of
greens.  This time the power drop came at 10:48 after first crack had
already started (10:16) and I only got about 2:20 separation between first
and second.  I still consider this a good roast but if I wanted to move
first crack out I would use more beans in a future batch.  My normal batch
sizes for my roaster are 10-13 oz, but this was part of the early greens
that a vac sealed in foodsaver bags in individual batch sizes instead of my
latest storage method of just storing in mason jars so I started with a
fixed amount.

Hope this helps explain things somewhat.


On Wed, Mar 3, 2010 at 1:38 PM, Jim Anderson <ural.jim at gmail.com> wrote:

> This brings up a question I have been wondering about. If you use P2  1lb
> and start the machine and then push two +'s, when does the power drop
> occur?
> Jim
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