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I believe you may have run into an issue that was reported at the end of
last year on CoffeeGeek, and just confirmed by Joe Behm, specifically that
using the + and - buttons before starting the roast only affects the timing
of the last leg (extending or shortening the total roast time) but does not
alter the timings in the other legs of the roast, thus will not move the
power drop on P2.

Unfortunately, everyone believed before this was verified that the changes
affected all legs proportionally and Ira programmed BehmorThing based on
that understanding.  I recommend that you use the A B C and D buttons to
move the power drop in P2, and in extreme cases you can add a pre-roast time
of up to two minutes (hitting stop before you've exceeded two minutes and
then starting the real roast) if you need to extend out the second leg, but
I prefer to use a smaller load size (10 - 13 oz) so that the P2 drop falls
within the A B C D profile times.

The Behmor and BehmorThing should match up in timings as long as you don't
program BehmorThing with time changes before the roast (I believe Ira has
already updated this to remove the buttons for this).

Here's Joe Behm's response to this issue:

It appears that he's posted a new document on profile adjustments on the
Behmor site:  http://www.behmor.com/pdf/Profile%20adjustmentsv1.pdf

This has been a contentious issue and one I was involved in early on by
testing and reproducing the reported issue, but I believe that this
information will help everyone who uses a Behmor to understand how it works
and avoid any misunderstandings when using the P2 roast profile.


On Wed, Mar 3, 2010 at 8:35 AM, John and Emma <jehorchik at gmail.com> wrote:

> Ira,
> I can't compliment you enough for the work you've done putting this great
> piece of software together for us.
> Yesterday I roasted 4 lbs of coffee using P2 for 3 of them. I notice that
> the temp drop of my machine occurred about 1 min before the temp drop on
> the
> Behmor Thing profile? Is this an anomaly with my machine or have you or
> others on this list noticed a similar pattern? The first 2 lbs and the last
> lb I roasted were using P2 and the third lb I roasted I used P4. I don't
> preheat my machine and it was about an hour between roasts. I noticed this
> pattern for all three roasts using P2.
> John H.
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