[Homeroast] Coffee and your heart

David Martin davidhmartin at gmail.com
Tue Mar 2 21:38:03 CST 2010

I tend to take media-reported medical research with a grain of salt,
but I must admit it feels good to have my addiction of choice
validated as being at least harmless, and possibly even healthful in
some vague sort of way. :-)

I wonder about one thing though - if I had heart rhythm problems, I'd
probably be sufficiently freaked out by it that I'd tend to avoid
caffeine. I'd probably also be getting advice not to drink it, by my
doctor/friends/family. To me that seems like the most plausible reason
for the 18% lower risk for arrhythmia among 4+ cup / day drinkers.


On Tue, Mar 2, 2010 at 5:07 PM, F.R. Parth <fparth at mac.com> wrote:
> The American Heart Association is meeting this week in San Francisco. There have been several presentations relating coffee drinking with the heart. Most of the correlations show a positive result.
> http://www.palmbeachpost.com/health/coffee-is-generally-heart-friendly-310749.html
> So drink more coffee (not that I have to tell this group that).
> Frank Parth
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