[Homeroast] New to the list

Peter Louton peter at midwestbicycleworks.com
Mon Mar 1 21:08:30 CST 2010

Hi everybody,

I'm new to the list and somewhat to roasting.  I had been roasting for the
last 18 months in my convection oven and doing ok with it, but finally broke
down and purchased a Behmor.  I thought I liked it, till it just a little
bit ago when my roast went up in flames.  Oh well.  I burned a few other
roasts in my oven.  I did learn a valuable lesson, don't roast on lack of

Anyways, I was wondering if anybody had any suggestions of what I should do
to learn the Behmor better, till I feel comfortable with it.  I was getting
ok with the oven, just a little smoky in the house.  Anyways, I'm open to
suggestions.  I am going to keep a log book when I use the Behmor and I
currently am using Evernote, but I can use Excel or if there is a better bit
of software or shareware, I'm open to it as well.

Thanks in advance,


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