[Homeroast] Is it just me?

David Liguori liguorid at albany.edu
Tue Mar 2 09:37:07 CST 2010

> Too bad, because theHSS is yummy. I used HG+DB for mine, done to C++. 
This is either deliberate or it points out the perils of acronyms.   I 
know now HG+DB stands for "heat gun plus dog bowl".  I assume C++ stands 
for "full city plus, plus".  Where I come from C++ is a computing 
language, so named because it is a successor to C and C++ is a shorthand 
command in C for "increment the integer variable C".  So if someone is 
searching the Web for help in C++ programming this is one more 
irrelevant hit to come up.   If, on the other hand, they are searching 
for advise on coffee roasting they may not have a clue as to what 
"HG+DB" stands for.

Allon Stern wrote:
> On Jan 15, 2010, at 11:41 AM, Jim Gundlach wrote:
>> I started to roast some in the Behmor and they started falling through the screen on the roast chamber so I had to give up.  Since I don't have the fine mesh version of the roast chamber it looks like I am back to wok roasting over a fire for these.
>>     pecan jim
> Too bad, because theHSS is yummy. I used HG+DB for mine, done to C++. These beans develop more fruit with longer rest times. Mine are pushing 1 week from roast date, and are bursting with thick rich flavors, dried apricot, hints of leathery/tobacco notes.
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> allon
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