[Homeroast] Costa Rican City roast

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I began my journey with homeroasting 33 years ago with oven and skillet 
roasting until I found references in a (pre-internet) library book on 
roasting coffee where you could use various popcorn poppers to roast beans. 
It has been so long since I roasted in a pan of any kind I have no skill to 
add to the technique.
Jim, you are the man for wok and wood fire roasting for sure.
Ed Needham
"to absurdity and beyond!"

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>I agree with Ed's points, but I would like to add a few.  I've roasted 
>over fires for years and I find that scorching, that is cooking the 
>outside too quickly, is largely due to too high a heat, too thin a  barrier 
>between beans and heat, and a failure to CONSTANTLY stir the  beans.  I 
>found a heavy wok worked best and I would stir by a four  count rhythm.  On 
>the first count I would move the far end of the  beans to the upper left, I 
>am right handed so lefties can scoop the  other direction, on the second I 
>would move the near end beans in the  same direction, on the third move the 
>center section of the beans over  in the same direction and on the longer 
>forth count I would push the  bottom of all of them back to the right. 
>Also, if you are roasting in  a pan in less that fourteen or fifteen 
>minutes, your pan is too hot  and you are trying to go too fast for the 
>limited heat contact the  beans have in a pan.
>         pecan jim

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