[Homeroast] First Annual HB Home Roasting Competition

miKe mcKoffee mcKona at comcast.net
Mon Mar 1 10:12:02 CST 2010

For first iteration Espresso entry dial in test batch 1:1:1:1:1 post roast
Brazil Natural City+ 17min total 4:30 start of 1st (SOF) to end of roast
Brazil Natural FC 17:30 5 SOF to EOR
Guat City++/LFC 17 4:30 SOF to EOR
Sumatra FC+/LV 17:30 5 SOF to EOR
Ethiopa DP City/City+ 16:30 4 SOF to EOR 

Dial in starting double shot parameters: rest min 7 to ideal 9 days, dose
~15g, temp ~199.5f, time ~28 to 32sec (after preinfusion), volume 1.5 to
1.75oz (depending whether for straight/mach' or bit longer/greater volume
pull for more milk) 

Note: if air roasting subtract ~2min from total times, ~30sec SOF to EOR

Note2: For a competition versus production blend the ratios would likely be
tweaked. They are 1:1's for maximizing production batch efficiency. Also a
competition blend can be crafted being much more "finicky" to pull than a
production blend since you don't have to be concerned with who's pulling. 

If entering the brewed category would do all as SO's. Maybe maybe not enter
the Brazil depending on how it cupped, especially it's finish but definitely
the other three. Maybe also a Moka Java style blend using post roast blended
Ethiopia DP and Sumatra likely first trying similar but bit shorter profiles
as above.

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> Now that the competition is over, would you share how you 
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> and blended if you were entering this competition?
> Mike Chester

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