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What do you think is going wrong in your roasts?  You are using a stovetop 
method, a whirly pop?  skillet?  Have you ever checked the color of your 
ground beans with the color of the beans themselves?  Do it in sunlight, so 
you get good color balance.  Sometimes, especially with direct heat methods, 
you can get a darkened outside and a much lighter roast on the inside, 
leading to a bad roast.  Just a thought.
Ed Needham
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> Ed, I totally agree! It does seem like magic sometimes.
> My roasts lately have been less than perfect. No, I'm being kind to 
> myself -
> I've had a few disasters. What was very frustrating - and embarrassing - 
> is
> I had someone over to show them how I roast stovetop. In my opinion, the
> roast came out AWFUL. I sent them home with some roasted coffee (in
> retrospect, I should have given her some unroasted greens, but I knew my
> roasting *and* the pizza I was baking just wasn't turning out right, so I
> wasn't thinking straight...)
> This continued for awhile (solved my pizza problem faster, though). Then
> yesterday I roasted some Papua New Guinea Peaberry WP Decaf and some New
> Classic Espresso Blend (long story - my last order to SM's was for an
> espresso based sampler - I was using a mokapot, so it was my genius idea 
> to
> order that since I felt the resulting brew was close to espresso. Then I
> melted my mokapot (actually, the handles - and it was the second one).
> Anyway - I knew right after (and during) roasting that these two roasts
> yesterday morning were going to be a hit. I'm drinking a mix of the two
> right now, and couldn't be happier! I hit it for both these roasts...
> *finally!!
> *(my previous roasts were turning out so bad that I started drinking them
> w/skim milk). I decided to do just what you described here. I used to 
> roast
> too dark when I first started a few yrs ago - now I think I've been 
> stopping
> the roast too soon.
> This cup is fantastic! Smooth, black - delicious. To the OP - Mark, keep 
> at
> it. Ed is right - and the brewer can also cause the bitter taste, too.
> Lacking an espresso machine, I have found that I prefer a mokapot (as long
> as I don't forget to add the water and end up melting the handle and 
> gasket,
> lol) and french press. My fp also broke awhile ago, so right now I'm
> roughing it - I make my own french press version in the pot I heat the 
> water
> - after it's finished brewing, I just filter it w/a strainer. Hey, it
> works...
> Lynne
> On Mon, Mar 1, 2010 at 12:20 AM, Ed Needham <beans at homeroaster.com> wrote:
>> Finding that sweet spot is the magic of roasting for me.
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