[Homeroast] Costa Rican City roast

Lynne lynnebiz at gmail.com
Mon Mar 1 05:54:00 CST 2010

Ed, I totally agree! It does seem like magic sometimes.

My roasts lately have been less than perfect. No, I'm being kind to myself -
I've had a few disasters. What was very frustrating - and embarrassing - is
I had someone over to show them how I roast stovetop. In my opinion, the
roast came out AWFUL. I sent them home with some roasted coffee (in
retrospect, I should have given her some unroasted greens, but I knew my
roasting *and* the pizza I was baking just wasn't turning out right, so I
wasn't thinking straight...)

This continued for awhile (solved my pizza problem faster, though). Then
yesterday I roasted some Papua New Guinea Peaberry WP Decaf and some New
Classic Espresso Blend (long story - my last order to SM's was for an
espresso based sampler - I was using a mokapot, so it was my genius idea to
order that since I felt the resulting brew was close to espresso. Then I
melted my mokapot (actually, the handles - and it was the second one).

Anyway - I knew right after (and during) roasting that these two roasts
yesterday morning were going to be a hit. I'm drinking a mix of the two
right now, and couldn't be happier! I hit it for both these roasts...
*(my previous roasts were turning out so bad that I started drinking them
w/skim milk). I decided to do just what you described here. I used to roast
too dark when I first started a few yrs ago - now I think I've been stopping
the roast too soon.

This cup is fantastic! Smooth, black - delicious. To the OP - Mark, keep at
it. Ed is right - and the brewer can also cause the bitter taste, too.
Lacking an espresso machine, I have found that I prefer a mokapot (as long
as I don't forget to add the water and end up melting the handle and gasket,
lol) and french press. My fp also broke awhile ago, so right now I'm
roughing it - I make my own french press version in the pot I heat the water
- after it's finished brewing, I just filter it w/a strainer. Hey, it


On Mon, Mar 1, 2010 at 12:20 AM, Ed Needham <beans at homeroaster.com> wrote:

> Finding that sweet spot is the magic of roasting for me.

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