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I believe it was Dan Bollinger (of "I had the best cup of espresso..."
tee-shirt fame) who distributed the color samples. It was definitely based
on Sherwin Williams swatches.  I have a set here somewhere.   

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What we had done a long time back with help from , jeez, I can't 
remember who did it, was match the SCAA roast color discs to paint 
swatch cards available at Home Depot. The idea is people could go to 
a nearby Home Depot and get the same set of color cards (and of 
course, buy something, because it's only fair). I could try to find 
out the results from that work, if anyone is interested.

We really want to produce a printed series of cards with roast 
images, something you can hold by your roaster and reference. Going 
from digital image to offset print has been the issue. Dark browns 
are very hard to reproduce correctly. We are going to do this again, 
soon, by doing extensive proofs to make sure we get the prints right.


>I know, I know, this topic is an old friend from our SM list, but maybe a
>new approach.
>I ordered few days ago some coffees, and asked Maria if she could send the
>Color Roast Post Card. Maria told me that they decide to 'phase out ' the
>card because the issues with the reproducibility (aging) of the card, and
>they are investigating reliable alternatives to the old post cards.
>I have access to same Pantone books (Color Classification System) , and
>wondering how to find a proper way to match City, City +, Full City, to
>their equivalent Pantone Numbers.
>The closest that I got (So far), is:
>City + closer to 462 C or 1545 U (Coated Color)
>On the Pantone web page, we can find a 'screen representation of the
>and their light and darker equivalents (Paint Interior Matching guide, use
>the color 462 C on the Pantone Number box), unfortunately the 'screen
>representation' is not accurate at all (the paper chips are much, much
>One idea will be to order the specific 'chips page' with the  color that we
>want to match, I still need to match the other key Roasting colors, and
>get the full equivalent list roasting nomenclature x Pantone Name x Agtron
>#. (I just hope that when I have all these matches, they will be inside a
>single Pantone chips page)
>Each 'chips page' from Pantone book cost (at the website) US$ 7.50, that is
>not that bad (ok, ok, I know 1 lb of coffee, that we will not drink!)
>Any experience from the list on this approach?
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