[Homeroast] Roast goes stale fast

Yakster yakster at gmail.com
Tue Jun 29 11:05:02 CDT 2010

I remember reading on one of the forums that this can do more harm then
good... the theory was that the vacuum was actively removing the aroma from
the beans, but no, I haven't tried these.  I did see one of these at a
thrift store, but passed it up because of what I'd read about them.  The
Wife managed to find three 9 oz Bodum Pavina double-walled glasses at the
thrift store last week for $0.49 each, which was a heck of a deal for a
favorite coffee cup of ours.

I'm a firm believer in canning jars.  I treated myself yesterday to a bag of
Barefoot Coffee Roaster's Yellow Catuai and poured it into the glass jar.
I'll just put the jar inside the bag to identify the contents.

Having said all this, taste is, of course, very subjective and some people
enjoy coffee straight from the roaster while others insist on waiting at
least four days.  I've started drinking right from the roaster lately,
partly due to poor planning but also enjoying the beans as they age.  With
same-day or next-day roasts, I'll try and grind the beans about 15 or more
minutes ahead to let them outgass, especially if I'm pulling espresso from
the beans.  The Bloom pour (pouring about 50 ml of water over the grounds
and allowing them to bloom for 30 seconds before the main pour) for coffee
also takes care of the overly fresh beans and prevents an accident.  The
beans never seems to last more then 14 days.

I'd been bringing in beans for use at work in ziplock bags, but mainly
because I'd use them up in a day or two.  Today I loaded up two one cup
canning jars, one with the Barefoot Yellow Catuai (enjoyable, maybe cactus
like flavors?) and the other with a Tanzanian Peaberry I roasted late last
night while the temps in the garage were still in the 80s.


On Tue, Jun 29, 2010 at 8:40 AM, Ryan M. Ward
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> I am curious, has anyone tried those beanvac canisters? (The ones that
> actually vacuum out the air when you put the beans in)
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