[Homeroast] Roast goes stale fast

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The roast process looks ok.  Have you tried storing your roasted beans in
canning jars?  I'm just wondering if your loosing all your volatiles out of
the yogurt container.  You could split the next batch to compare the storage


On Mon, Jun 28, 2010 at 7:25 PM, michael kaericher <mike_kae at yahoo.com>wrote:

> Does it suggest that I am doing something wrong if my roasts go stale in
> ~10 days?
> I've been roasting almost exclusively for espresso for about a year now.
> I started with SM blends, but now I attemp post roast blending SO beans
> (usually Brazils, Ethiopia, and something else Sulawesi-Java-Rwanda).  Not
> really sure why since I am still not able to come up with blends that I like
> any better than the SM pre-roast blends (which are also far more convenient
> to roast).
> I find that most of my roasts are best at about 4-7 days and are definitely
> stale by 10.  In contrast, I typically hear that espresso roasts hit their
> stride at 7 days.  So I figure that there has to be something wrong with how
> I am doing things.
> Roast process:
> I've been roasting in a Behmor for the last year.  My roasts are almost
> all 6-8 oz with the Behmor set to P3 at -1lb-A.  Sometime after the roast
> starts, I add lots of time.   I let it run up to 1c and then turn on my
> venting fan and open the Behmor door a crack for 2-3 seconds of every 15 to
> draw out the run to 2c (this usually gets me about 4 minutes). At the first
> pop of 2c, I hit cool.  After cooling I store the roasted coffee in a 1
> quart yogurt container, where it sits for about 4 days before I start using
> it.
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