[Homeroast] Roast goes stale fast

michael kaericher mike_kae at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 28 21:25:09 CDT 2010

Does it suggest that I am doing something wrong if my roasts go stale in ~10 days?  
I've been roasting almost exclusively for espresso for about a year now.  I started with SM blends, but now I attemp post roast blending SO beans (usually Brazils, Ethiopia, and something else Sulawesi-Java-Rwanda).  Not really sure why since I am still not able to come up with blends that I like any better than the SM pre-roast blends (which are also far more convenient to roast).
I find that most of my roasts are best at about 4-7 days and are definitely stale by 10.  In contrast, I typically hear that espresso roasts hit their stride at 7 days.  So I figure that there has to be something wrong with how I am doing things.
Roast process:
I've been roasting in a Behmor for the last year.  My roasts are almost all 6-8 oz with the Behmor set to P3 at -1lb-A.  Sometime after the roast starts, I add lots of time.   I let it run up to 1c and then turn on my venting fan and open the Behmor door a crack for 2-3 seconds of every 15 to draw out the run to 2c (this usually gets me about 4 minutes). At the first pop of 2c, I hit cool.  After cooling I store the roasted coffee in a 1 quart yogurt container, where it sits for about 4 days before I start using it.


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