[Homeroast] Bulk Grinder for Drip

Doug Hoople doughoople at gmail.com
Mon Jun 28 13:40:24 CDT 2010

 "I'm trying to understand why some burrs work for drip and some don't......
Shape? conical? I'm always being asked this and don't really understand.

Hi Joe,

I think Ed has it here "I've seen lately are like the Bunn set I linked and
are more similar
to a espresso cut just that that channels are more oval shaped with a larger
release area."

The term I was reaching for earlier would be "channels," and "larger release
area" points to a possible explanation

Since drip coffee requires a uniform coarser grind than espresso, the
channels in the burrs would be shaped with wider spacing toward the outside
to allow coarser particles to exit cleanly.

Again, I'm just speculating, but that makes sense to me. I'd appreciate if
someone who has actually had a close look (Bryan, for example) could chime
in and confirm or deny these assumptions.


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